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These are the amazing features that this product has to offer. This product is built to benefit you massively and each feature has been built with customer feedback.

Best Audio Quality

High-Quality fast 24/7 Audio Streams | Music-Specs

Super fast

Thanks to a Discord Ping of 3-4ms.
Fastest Actions & Security ever!

Fully modular

Create your own Systems, with Milrato-Systems.

Activly Developed

Weekly Updates, With improvements & new Features


Pick the Perfect Theme for you! Check it out

Administration & Moderation

Moderate the Server, define who can execute Mod & Admin Commands.


Music specs & Features

I have the highest Quality, and fastest responsing Audio Playback compared to any other Music Bot!
When chilling in a VC, you don't remember if you listen from Spotify, Deezer or from Milrato

All Audio-Playback-Sources &/ Search Engines:

  • Deezer
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube-Music
  • Youtube
  • Apple-Music [iTunes]
  • Bandcamp
  • Twitch
  • all kind of mp3 Streams
  • Discord Attachments with Audio

I have picked for you musicmixes, which are perfect for just hopping in a VC and listening to Music for hours!
You can also save up to 1000 Songs to your favorite Song-List and later play that
But you are also able to create your own Playlists / save your Musicmixes-Links.

Introducing: Themes

First ever Bot, with which you can choose your Theme, the Bot color and Emojis change accordingly.

product image

Ready to boost your Server?

I'm fully free. Once tried, you'll never want to stop using me!